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Lasaine is possibly LeSeine, Lessane, or Sane.

Researching the "LaSaine" roots.

Continuing in my ongoing research:

This is a work in progress. Tracing the roots of the LaSaine name.

I have been doing some research on the "La Saine" name. La Saine is french in origin and means, "The Healthy One" according to Altavista's babel Fish program.

I remember hearing a story from my mother about LaSaine not actually being LaSaine at all but something else. So I called my mother to confirm. Sure enough.. as told to her by Mary Alice. LaSaine hasn't always been LaSaine. Mary Alice told Mary Lasaine Finley that she insisted on Thomas Alonzo changing the name from Sane to LaSaine, to not have her children teased about the name. "Mary Insane!" comes to mind, although admittedly, Insane LaSaine has a better ring to it. Willie Anna LaSaine believes Mary Alice made it all up. Never-the-less, although this does ring to be in the realm of folklore and story-telling, there may be some truth to this. Other family members have reported that it was told to them, LaSeine or LeSeine. I will research this immediately and update with what I find here.
added by, Reginald V. Finley Sr. - updated 09-23-3007

Linked toFamily: LaSaine/ (F39)

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