South Carolina



State/Province : Latitude: 34.161818161230386, Longitude: -81.0791015625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Billings, Unknown  01 Jan 1804South Carolina I125
2 Beasley, Elbert  3 Dec 1880South Carolina I246
3 Ferguson, Amanda A.  Mar 1882South Carolina I209
4 Ferguson, Turner Brook Jr  Dec 1883South Carolina I232
5 Ferguson, Jessie L  Mar 1885South Carolina I233
6 Ferguson, George W  Aug 1886South Carolina I234
7 Ferguson, Mary Somptum  1888South Carolina I235
8 Unknown, Minnie  1888South Carolina I245
9 Ferguson, Andrew T  Jun 1889South Carolina I236
10 Ferguson, Milligan  May 1891South Carolina I237
11 Ferguson, Thomas Godfrey  Nov 1892South Carolina I238
12 Ferguson, Willie Wilson  Dec 1894South Carolina I239
13 Ferguson, Annie Arra  May 1896South Carolina I240
14 Ferguson, Eleanor  Aug 1897South Carolina I241
15 Ferguson, Era  Sep 1898South Carolina I242
16 Young, Bertha  1899South Carolina I247
17 Taylor, Leslie Allen  1900South Carolina I215
18 Ferguson, Cyrus William   I243
19 Duncan, Ivan Postel  1901South Carolina I249
20 Lilliewood, Luther Christopher  2 May 1901South Carolina I252
21 Patterson, Lottie Virginia   I212
22 Ferguson, Eva (Ava)   I244
23 Rice, Beulah   I251
24 Patterson, Nannie Rebecca   I214
25 Patterson, Mary Lou   I216
26 Saxton, Otis Odell Sr.  18 Mar 1905South Carolina I217
27 Patterson, Rhudine (Berdine?)   I218
28 Patterson, Samuel Jesse III   I220
29 Patterson, Turner Brook   I222
30 Patterson, Gladys Eleanor   I224
31 Patterson, George Oliver   I226
32 Patterson, Ruth Theodora  16 Jan 1919South Carolina I228


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Billings, Charles  22 Jul 1822South Carolina I124