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Gertrude Ford

* Gertrude Ford Day. Wife of Thomas Robert Day m. 1913 in Montgomery, Alabama. Death certificate to our surprise revealed a George and Sweetie Collins as her parents. This was very unexpected. We suspected that Gertrude was related to the Fords out of Mount Meigs and Bullock. Very uncertain now. However, George Collins is from Union Springs, Bullock County, Alabama.. there still may be some connection. It is a mystery currently why Gertrude's surname is Ford.
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Obediah Johnson?

Rachel Johnson Day:
That's right, I just discovered that Rachel Day, Richard Day Sr's wife's maiden name is Johnson. I just received Rachel's death certificate. It's hard to make out her father's name although the surname of "Johnson" is clearly visible, the first name appears to Obediah. Louisiana Day is a daughter of Richard and Rachel Day. She's listed as the informant on the Death Certificate. She's married and her married name appears to be Smith. We don't know who Rachel's Mother and Family is. If you have any information, that would be very much appreciated. The Days moved around a bit but my Days lived in Old Elam, Alabama. Then Mount Meigs and many moved to Birmingham.
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Henrietta Day - A Handy?

Henrietta Day is the Daughter of Richard Day Sr, b. 1856. Arthur Harris a Thomas Day Sr descendant, Richard's brother, informed us that many of Richard's kids moved to Birmingham. This is confirmed by finding Thomas Robert Day and Gertrude in Birmingham in 1917. A Henrietta Handy and Armstead Handy pops up right in the right place at the right age and Henrietta Day disappears. This Handy family moved to Birmingham shortly after. Richard Day's Death Certificate confirms that Henrietta married a Handy. We'd love to find our Handy cousins. Henrietta Day had a Rachel Handy. Rachel married a Robert H. Winston and they had a Carter Winston by the 1930 census. They also lived in Birmingham, Alabama. Any help would be awesome!
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Sterling Person

The Death Certificate for Thomas Person was found in which it says that Thomas' parents were Sterling Person and Olive Ellis. He lived in Northampton, NC. This is peculiar in that, on the 1860 census, we find two white slave owners in Northampton. Named Thomas J. Person and Daniel Ellis. Very coincidental. You have more information, please come forward.
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