Cemeteries and Headstones in Charleston, South Carolina, USA


Morris Brown Cemetery, Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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Mary Alice Person Lasaine's Headstone
Mary Alice Person Lasaine's Headstone
After talking to locals that still lived off Krackie Street (where Mary Alice and Thomas LaSaine lived) we discovered that Mary Alice's grave was probably located at Morris Brown Cemetery. Ms. Singleton and Mrs. Murray Stewart told us it may be there but to check with the Morris Brown church first. After dealing with a very rude church secretary, a Ms. Billiard, (even though she said she couldn't help us at least 8 times) she actually lead us to the general area of where the Cemetery was. After about 30 minutes of searching. We found her! We were very lucky because, after about 28 minutes. I decided to run down to the corner of Huguenin and Algonquin to get a better view. There she was! Her actual grave location is here. DR. M. ALICE LASAINE BURIAL SITE. About 20 marker poles west from the corner of Algonquin and Huguenin. The headstone reads: LaSaine DR. M.Alice Person Sept, 22, 1886 Oct, 8, 1957 "THE END AND THE REWARD OF TOIL IS REST" 
Located    Mary Alice Person (d. 08 Oct 1957)