Beusy M. Ford

Beusy M. Ford


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Beusy M. Ford

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Arthur Ford

    Arthur married Lottie B. Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Lottie B. Unknown
    1. Lula B. Ford
    2. Geneva Ford
    3. 1. Beusy M. Ford
    4. Charley Ford
    5. Mary Ford

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Crosby Ford was born 1874, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama (son of Tucker Lucas Ford and Clarinda Ashley Unknown).


    A contact that has some information about Crosby's descendants is Carolyn Harris. Her mother is Mary Ford. Number: (301)972-5134. Email:

    12107 Panthers Ridge Dr
    Germantown, Maryland 20876

    Crosby married Lula Unknown. Lula was born 1874, Alabama. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Lula Unknown was born 1874, Alabama.
    1. Kate Ford was born 1896, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    2. 2. Arthur Ford
    3. Mary Lou Ford
    4. Jesse Ford was born 12 Dec 1903, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama; died 1979.
    5. Roosevelt Ford
    6. Annie Lou Ford
    7. Infant Ford

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Tucker Lucas Ford was born 02 May 1832, Scotia, Alabama (son of Emanuel Ford and Tennessee Unknown).


    A contact that has some information and other contacts about this family is Thomas Loveless. His number is: (513)470-9161. Email is:

    Tucker married Clarinda Ashley Unknown 1867. Clarinda was born 1853, Alabama; died 30 Nov 1887. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Clarinda Ashley Unknown was born 1853, Alabama; died 30 Nov 1887.


    Tucker Lucas Ford was born in Scotia, Alabama on May 2nd, 1832 to Emmanuel and Tennessee Ford. He was a member of the B51 Regiment (the buffalo soldier). We know very little about his parents Emmanuel and Tennessee Ford. It is likely that he was born into slavery as he was born before Slavery ended. He married Clarinda Ashley Ford in 1867 in Mt. Meigs, Alabama at their home. After Clarinda's death he married Catherine Pearce Ford in October of 1893. To this union no children were born. A Rev. Parker in Montgomery Alabama Married Tucker and Catherine Ford.

    We have not been able to determine the time of death of Tucker Lucas Ford. He had however signed an official government document on May 16, 1915, so we can say that he lived to be eighty-three (83) years old or older. On the same document he stated that he had 78 grandchildren at that time.
    Little is known about Clarinda Ashley Ford. According to official historical records, she was first married to Stephen Spears and died on November 30, 1887.

    Data pulled from:

    1. Thomas J. Ford was born 1862, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    2. Tucker Ford, Jr. was born 1863, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    3. Lilly Ford was born 1869, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    4. Adaline Ford was born 1872, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    5. Emanuel Ford was born 1874, Alabama.
    6. 4. Crosby Ford was born 1874, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    7. Mary Ford was born 1875, Mount Meigs, Alabama.
    8. Cally Ford was born 1877, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    9. Dillers Ford was born 1878, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    10. Rosey Ford was born 1888, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    11. Paul Ford was born 1889, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    12. Silas Ford was born 1889, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.
    13. Daisy Ford was born 1890, Mount Meigs, Montgomery, Alabama.