Rosie Freeman

Rosie Freeman


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Rosie Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii (son of Albert Freeman and Sallie Randle).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Albert Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii.

    Albert married Sallie Randle. Sallie (daughter of David Randle and Lucy Randle) was born 1874, Mississii. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Sallie Randle was born 1874, Mississii (daughter of David Randle and Lucy Randle).
    1. Joe Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii.
    2. Durden Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii.
    3. Philmore Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii.
    4. 1. Rosie Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii.
    5. Claudie Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii.
    6. Pearl Freeman was born , Lexington, Mississii.
    7. Redmond Randall was born , Lexington, Mississii.

Generation: 3

  1. 6.  David Randle was born 1847, Mississii (son of Jack Randle and Delsey Randle).

    David married Lucy Randle. Lucy was born 1850, Mississii. [Group Sheet]

  2. 7.  Lucy Randle was born 1850, Mississii.


    A widowed Lucy and Margaret aear on the 1930 Census. - RVF,Sr - 09-01-2007

    Found Davy on the 1900 census.- R. Finley - 08-18-2007

    Found Dave and Lucy Randle on the 1910 Census for Holmes Miss. - R. Finley Sr - 08-18-2007

    1. William Randle was born 1866, Mississii.
    2. 3. Sallie Randle was born 1874, Mississii.
    3. Margaret Randle was born Jun 1878, Mississii.
    4. Minsey Randle was born 1879, Mississii.
    5. George Randle was born Jun 1882, Mississii.
    6. Henrietta Randle was born Oct 1882, Mississii.
    7. Elnora Randle was born 1883, Lexington, Mississii.
    8. Sidney Randle was born Feb 1884, Mississii.
    9. Queen Randle was born Feb 1888, Mississii.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  Jack Randle was born 1805, Virginia.

    Jack married Delsey Randle. Delsey was born 1812. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Delsey Randle was born 1812.


    Jack Randall was sold in slavery from Virginia to the Conner Plantation North of Lexington, Mississii, Holmes County. A family tradition asserts that the original Randles were slaves in England. The first black Randalls to aear in Holmes county, according to census data, was Jack and Delsey. The Randall name has changed over the years mainly because many descendants simply weren't aware of how to spell the surname. Enumerators from various census years spelled it, Randal, Randall, Randle and Randel. More than likely, there are many Randall relatives in existence today with different spellings.

    It's believed that Willis, the earliest of the children, was almost left behind as the purchasers had no value for small children. However, Jack was able to convince the owners to purchase his youngest son Willis as well. More than likely, many of his older children were quite possibly left behind. The census shows a 10 year difference between Willis and his siblings. There are many unaccounted children.

    On January 13, 1877, James Randall purchased land from William B. Helm. Later the land was divided up among many of his brothers. They owned their own farms and earned a living that way for decades.

    There were so many Randalls in the area a portion of their land is now known as Randall Town. Some family still lives in and near the area.

    References: Thelma Perry and Winnie Anderson.
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    1. Francis Randle was born unknown, Mississippi.
    2. Willis Randle was born 1828, Mississii.
    3. Dinah Randle was born 1839, Mississippi; died 1910, Mississippi.
    4. William Randle was born 1840, Lexington, Mississii.
    5. James (Jim) Randle was born 1841, Holmes, Mississii.
    6. Tabbie Randle was born Dec 1842, Lexington, Mississii.
    7. Rob Randle was born 1844, Mississii.
    8. Clay Randle was born 1845, Mississii.
    9. 6. David Randle was born 1847, Mississii.
    10. Thomas Randle was born 1850, Mississii.
    11. Sidney Randle was born 1852, Mississii.
    12. Jack Randle, II was born May 1854, Mississii.
    13. Adam Randle, Sr. was born 1857, Mississii.
    14. Aggy Randle was born 1857, Holmes, Mississii.