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North Carolina Birth Index shows an M. Vernard Wright with Thelma Person.

There are many lines of evidence that support the idea that John T. Wright is John T LaSaine Sr. We shall go line-by-line to review the supporting evidence. We will continue to build this list until evidence is universally sufficient to remove doubt. I think there is presently.

1.) Finding Martha Person and John T. Wright together on the 1930 census. I was informed by John T. Lasaine Jr that his father told him that he lived with his grandmother for a little while at a young age. Thomas Jr also said that he remembers his Dad saying that her name is Martha. We see this in the 1930 census.

2.) John is the age we would expect him to be on the census if he was born in 1923. Around 7.

3.) We'd expect to see the first name and middle initial the same at least. We do. "John T."

4.) Martha claims John is her grandson. We'd expect to find some evidence that one of her daughter's married a "Wright". We do.

5.) The evidence would be even stronger if actual birth dates match up. We find out they do. With a one day discrepancy, April 10th, 1923 vs April 9th, 1923 as reported on the document.

6.) The North Carolina Birth Index shows a not-named-yet "Wright":
a: Born in Halifax Co., which is where Weldon is.
b: Mother is "Thelma Lee Person", Martha has a daughter with the same name.
c: Father is "M Vernard Wright", Our John's Last Name on the 1930 Census.
d: Born, April 9th 1923 - Same is John Sr
e: Is born the year he should be to match the census.

7.) Recent evidence revealed, family tradition stated that John Sr's sister's name was Margie or Marjorie. We finally found the 1930 Census for the Lasaines. Marjorie is living with them. She's listed as Marjorie Wright (8yrs).

All together, this is very strong evidence that John Thomas Lasaine Sr is the son of Thelma and M Vernard Wright.

Source: North Carolina Birth Index 1800-1900.
Document: NCVR_B_C047_66001 - 1913-1949

Owner/SourceNorth Carolina Birth Index
DateRecorded 1928
File namehalifax_birth_record_thelma_wright.jpg
File Size235.27k
Dimensions2592 x 1736
Linked toI104; I1320307

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