Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr.

Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr.



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Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr. is the son of Algernon C. Finley, Sr. He is married to Amber Rebecca Patterson Finley and has 3 children (Ryan Taylor, Reggie Jr and Donovan M. Meekins). He also has one step-son (Dorian Vincente Patterson).

Reginald is a US Army Veteran serving for a little over 2 years on a hardship tour stationed in Kirchgoens, Germany. (1993-1995).

After leaving the military with an Honorable discharge, Reginald worked as a security guard and then later landed a job at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary with the guidance and assistance of his older brother Algernon Finley Jr.

During his tenure there he started school at Saint Leo College located in Fort McPherson in which he obtained his Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.

Finding prison work "dead-end" Reggie decided to branch out and started considering working for himself. He worked more security jobs, worked as an insurance agent, worked at Wal*Mart and was unemployed after leaving Federal service.

As a hobby in between jobs, Mr. Finley began researching religious origins and studying philosophy (which was inspired by his college work). Not a passionate reader, Reggie began looking for online materials in audio format that discussed these topics that he was interested in. He discovered a few shows related to his interests and asked these show hosts how they were accomplishing their hobbies. After learning the ropes, Reggie began his own show as a hobby which grew to over 100,000 fans in 8 years.

He is the founder of and co-founder of

Mr. Finley is also the creator of He was surprised to discover that on his father's, mother's side that he is descended from a line of clergy. This is quite interesting considering that Reginald is an open atheist. However, on his Mom's side of the family, he is descended from a line of scientifically minded, rational thinkers. His grandfather, in fact, was an outspoken atheist.

As of 2006, Reginald continues to show his program and gives talks and lectures to anyone that will listen about the origins of religion.

A Biography of Reginald Finley Sr.

This Bio will tell you about Reginald's beginnings and give you details about his life work. It will be a work in progress.

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