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Association of Professional Genealogists


"Do you know the names of your great grandparents? Research has shown that the African American family is in jeopardy. If you were to take a closer look at successful families of other cultures and communities, you will find that those who are very successful know their genealogy and family history. Because of this, they are not only concerned with taking care of their immediate family, but they work hard to provide an inheritance for future generations. Although many of us take pride in our African and African American ancestries, knowing our own personal lineages and family histories is what's severely lacking. Many of us seek to build fortune and fame for ourselves but seldom think about the ancestors who laid the foundation for that success. This must change. Wouldn't you want your great grandchildren to remember you? ...." - Eric Jackson


Did you see the PBS documentary, African American Lives? Going through my own personal family history, revealed many of the same strange, scary and beautiful stories that were shared with us through that program. More and more descendants of slaves are awakening and becoming curious about their roots. Here at, we can help! We specialize primarily in the uncovering of ancestors and relatives of those ancestors. We will help you rediscover long lost relatives for a very low cost.*** Currently, we are only doing research for Black American families but we hope to expand our services in the near future.

Thomas Robert Day Let's get real here. Anyone can do some level of genealogy research. The question is however, do you have the time? Do you know the tricks to get beyond those road blocks that have stumped your family historians? Well, we do. After our FREE 15 minute consultation. We will contact you back in a few hours with a recommended package. If you have already hired genealogy experts and spent thousands of hours and dollars researching your family tree, our services may not be for you. If you are just starting out but just don't have the time, don't know how to start, look no further.

Our services are incredibly inexpensive. We offer a flat fee of just $85 to start building your grand tree. We promise to deliver a family tree with previously unknown ancestors and relatives to you within 48 hours. If you wish for us to continue the research and help you re-establish contact with your long lost cousins, we offer a Continuous Research Package (CRP). If you elect a CRP, we charge a monthly recurring fee of $50. We promise to deliver new information about your family members monthly. You can cancel at anytime. When we receive your payment, we know that you wish for us to do another month of research for you. If you can provide pictures, we can create a mini-booklet for you as well, with historical narratives and biographical sketches to send to family and friends. (+$25) You will undoubtedly be a hit at your next family reunion. :) All research will come with source documentation showing the work we have done, the conclusions we have made and why. There is no charge to converse with us via phone.

Leroy Gaylor HeadstoneIf deeper research needs to be done such as acquiring official documents and flying around the country, a fee of $9000 would be required for in-state travel (2 state maximum). That $9K fee provides you extra services such as visiting gravesites, taking pictures, interviewing relatives, visiting court houses, churches, visiting libraries acquiring documents, uncovering previously unknown living blood relatives and many other sources of information to help you discover your past.

Email us at: to get started.

Charles Franklin BillingsWe promise results. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Call today for your free evaluation (770) 331-2495. We are always working hard to bring to you new contacts and information on a * monthly basis. We will generate reports showing you these new connections and contacts. However, you can also visit this website and watch your family tree grow in real time. ** That's right. We provide you with a way to view your family tree right from this site. You can also print what you see. Every month, we will generate a .pdf file as well, displaying in an easy to read format of your family tree, which you can print out, copy, or email to other family and friends.

What will be on your obituary? Your relatives obituaries? Call Family Origins today for your quick and professional evaluation (770) 331-2495

We are looking forward to helping you make some connections,

Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr
Chief Researcher

* We guarantee that your tree will continue to flourish and new family members will be added on a regular basis. At least one update a month. If you feel that the level of research doesn't deserve another payment for that month. You can cancel anytime. However, the funds you pay is in advance of our services. You don't pay, we do not conduct any research.

** You will be given a username and password to access your tree. You will not be given any admin rights. Email any information you wish to share or call us and we'll update the tree accordingly. If you wish to continue to host your tree at our site after we conclude our research, you can do so for a fee of $15 a month. At that point, you will be given full admin rights to edit your tree anyway you see fit.

*** Keep in mind that not all clients will be able to trace their lineage back to Africa directly.

"Quick and fast. He discovered my great-great-grandmother. Well worth the price." - Lagina Living


"He really corrected tons of family stories and myths within 3 hours. We discovered who my grandparents really were. Family secrets were Cracked wide-open. Worth it." - John T.

Contact us Today and let's unravel your Family History together.

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