Natchez, Adams, Mississippi



City/Town : Latitude: 31.55469, Longitude: -91.385252


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bates, David Jr.  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3325
2 Bates, Elington  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3327
3 Bates, JoeNathan  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3328
4 Bates, Kenneth  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3329
5 Bates, Linda  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3323
6 Bates, Regina  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3322
7 Bates, Thelma Lee  Dec 1958Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3314
8 Bates, Willie D. Sr.  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3326
9 Bates, Yvette  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3324
10 Defrance, Henderson  16 Mar 1874Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P2984
11 Defrance, Mary L.  1902Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P2986
12 Gaylor, Cedric Renard Jr.  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3321
13 Gaylor, Latisha Tramaine  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3318
14 Gaylor, Shakia Trinese  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3320
15 Gaylor, Shonta LeShay  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3319
16 Gooden, Larry  19 Jul 1963Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3656
17 Gooden, Levester  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3646
18 Gooden, Wille E.  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3644
19 Jones, Rosetta  13 Dec 1927Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4416
20 Woods, Ada  15 Jun 1908Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4398
21 Woods, Edgar  1906Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4394
22 Woods, Florida  02 Dec 1907Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4393
23 Woods, Moses Sr  22 Nov 1925Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4389
24 Woods, Phillip  29 May 1933Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4401
25 Woods, Steve  05 May 1905Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4399


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Roger Jr  27 Dec 2004Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4767
2 Arns, Unknown  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P1931
3 Brady, Daisy  26 Feb 2010Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3607
4 Brady, Richard Jr.  May 1973Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3617
5 Gaylor, Adolph  19 Jan 2006Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P1967
6 Gaylor, Leroy Pete  31 Oct 1991Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P1906
7 Gaylor, Samuel O'Neal  Jun 1977Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P1803
8 Gaylor, Sirfronia  15 Jan 1968Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4395
9 Gaylor, Sirfronia  15 Jan 1968Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P1921
10 Gaylor, Steven  Feb 1978Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P1924
11 Gaylor, Walter  Sep 1979Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P1804
12 Gooden, Larry  04 Jul 2004Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P3656
13 Hence, Bessie  1961Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4776
14 Jones, Rosetta  26 Jan 2003Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4416
15 Woods, Phillip  30 Jun 2003Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4401
16 Woods, Samuel  19 Jul 2007Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4397
17 Woods, Steve  19 Jan 1991Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4399


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Billings, Lenora Calvit  1930Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P205
2 Billings, Louis J.  1930Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P206
3 Hence, William Washington  Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P2958
4 Johnson, Willis  1935Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4409
5 Woods, Bessie  1935Natchez, Adams, Mississippi P4391