Lexington, Mississii



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Jessie Lee  Lexington, Mississii I1320599
2 Carey, Fannie  Lexington, Mississii I1320504
3 Freeman, Albert  Lexington, Mississii I1320539
4 Freeman, Arthur  Lexington, Mississii I1320553
5 Freeman, Charles  Lexington, Mississii I1320551
6 Freeman, Claudie  Lexington, Mississii I1320544
7 Freeman, Durden  Lexington, Mississii I1320541
8 Freeman, Georgia Mae  Lexington, Mississii I1320549
9 Freeman, Joe  Lexington, Mississii I1320540
10 Freeman, Laverta  Lexington, Mississii I1320552
11 Freeman, Pearl  Lexington, Mississii I1320545
12 Freeman, Philmore  Lexington, Mississii I1320542
13 Freeman, Rosie  Lexington, Mississii I1320543
14 Hill, Joycie  Lexington, Mississii I1320515
15 Randall, Redmond  Lexington, Mississii I1320546
16 Randle, Alphonso  Lexington, Mississii I1320521
17 Randle, Betty  Lexington, Mississii I1320526
18 Randle, Garee  Lexington, Mississii I1320518G
19 Randle, Isaiah  Lexington, Mississii I1320523
20 Randle, Mamie  Lexington, Mississii I1320516
21 Randle, Newt Jesse  Lexington, Mississii I1320524
22 Randle, Onzo  Lexington, Mississii I1320522
23 Randle, Oscar  Lexington, Mississii I1320519
24 Randle, Pleasant III  Lexington, Mississii I1320517
25 Randle, Sallie Mae  Lexington, Mississii I1320520
26 Randle, Willa Pearl  Lexington, Mississii I1320525
27 Studway, Essie  Lexington, Mississii I1320500
28 Studway, Joe Davie  Lexington, Mississii I1320494
29 Studway, Nathaniel  Lexington, Mississii I1320498
30 Studway, Robert  Lexington, Mississii I1320497
31 Studway, Rosa Mae  Lexington, Mississii I1320499
32 Wiley, Aggie  Lexington, Mississii I1320594
33 Wiley, Callie  Lexington, Mississii I1320595
34 Wiley, Charlene  Lexington, Mississii I1320593
35 Wiley, Fred  Lexington, Mississii I1320588
36 Wiley, George  Lexington, Mississii I1320589
37 Wiley, Hermoine  Lexington, Mississii I1320591
38 Wiley, John  Lexington, Mississii I1320587
39 Wiley, Theodore  Lexington, Mississii I1320592THEO
40 Randle, William  1840Lexington, Mississii I1320511
41 Randle, Tabbie  Dec 1842Lexington, Mississii I1320481
42 Taylor, Ampy  1860Lexington, Mississii I1320527
43 Randle, Anna  1861Lexington, Mississii I1320503
44 Carey, Katie  1872Lexington, Mississii I1320509
45 Taylor, Mary  1876Lexington, Mississii I1320532
46 Taylor, Alice  1877Lexington, Mississii I1320533
47 Taylor, Judge  1878Lexington, Mississii I1320534
48 Jackson, Sip  Aug 1878Lexington, Mississii I1320508
49 Taylor, Harry Jr.  1880Lexington, Mississii I1320535
50 Studway, Ben  10 Dec 1881Lexington, Mississii I1320488

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hill, Joycie  Lexington, Mississii I1320515
2 Randle, Pleasant  Lexington, Mississii I1103
3 Carey, Justin  01 Nov 1956Lexington, Mississii I1320507
4 Jackson, Sip  17 Oct 1958Lexington, Mississii I1320508
5 Randle, Annie  31 Jan 1981Lexington, Mississii I1320584
6 Randle, Katie Lee  14 Dec 1998Lexington, Mississii I1320585
7 Carey, Pearl  15 Jan 2000Lexington, Mississii I1320505


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Randle / Hill   F435