Chicago, Cook, Illinois



Latitude: 41.879535, Longitude: -87.624333


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amicks, Bailey  29 Aug 1941Chicago, Cook, Illinois P201
2 Berthune, Collie  21 Sep 1971Chicago, Cook, Illinois P149
3 Billings, Charles Franklin  03 Mar 1942Chicago, Cook, Illinois P162
4 Billings, Vergie Lee  Jun 1981Chicago, Cook, Illinois P166
5 Defrance, Josephine  Oct 1970Chicago, Cook, Illinois P2985
6 Ford, Eli  22 Jul 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois P4981
7 Gaylor, Rosena Dorothy  30 Aug 1953Chicago, Cook, Illinois P170
8 Ivory, Ozie L.  23 Oct 2000Chicago, Cook, Illinois P2806
9 Judkins, Anna Lou  2001Chicago, Cook, Illinois P952
10 McLemore, Jason  Oct 1982Chicago, Cook, Illinois P193
11 Summers', Cashon  05 Sep 2001Chicago, Cook, Illinois P3067
12 Winston, Ricardo H.  27 May 2006Chicago, Cook, Illinois P2746


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Amicks, Bailey  Chicago, Cook, Illinois P201
2 Amicks, Bailey  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P201
3 Amicks, Bailey  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P201
4 Amicks, Marie Frances  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P202
5 Amicks, Marie Frances  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P202
6 Berthune, Collie  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P149
7 Billings, Elsie Anne  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P167
8 Billings, Marie V.  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P169
9 Day, Algernon Carlton  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P7
10 Day, Daniel Edgar  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P144
11 Day, Daniel Edgar  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P144
12 Day, Thomas Robert  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P126
13 Finley, Wilson  Chicago, Cook, Illinois P556
14 Finley, Wilson G.  Chicago, Cook, Illinois P141
15 Finley, Wilson G.  Chicago, Cook, Illinois P141
16 Gary, Adolph Jr  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P198
17 Gary, Adolph  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P196
18 Martin, Dorothy M   P2000
19 Martin, Edward Eggleston  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P535
20 Martin, Octavis   P2001
21 Martin, Thomas   P1999
22 Martin, William   P1998
23 Morgan, Harriett  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P559
24 Morgan, Lottie  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois P142
25 Vails, Octavia  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois P544