Ashville, St Clair, Alabama



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Box, Lula Eugenia  1900Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4069
2 Box, Lula Eugenia  1910Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4069
3 Box, Lula Eugenia  1920Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4069
4 Box, Lula Eugenia  1930Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4069
5 Embry, Alden Leroy  1900Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4077
6 Embry, Alden Leroy  1910Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4077
7 Embry, Franklin Bernard  1900Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4076
8 Embry, Franklin Bernard  1910Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4076
9 Embry, Irene Frances  1900Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4080
10 Embry, Irene Frances  1910Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4080
11 Embry, Irene Frances  1920Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4080
12 Embry, James Alden  1900Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P3888
13 Embry, James Alden  1910Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P3888
14 Embry, James Alden  1920Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P3888
15 Embry, James Alden  1930Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P3888
16 Embry, James Eugene  1900Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4078
17 Embry, James Eugene  1910Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4078
18 Embry, Nina Renfroe  1900Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4079
19 Embry, Nina Renfroe  1910Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4079
20 Hodges, George Willis Jr  1920Ashville, St Clair, Alabama P4086